Mediasite Recorder Management

Recorder Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor your fleet of Mediasite® Recorders to ensure maximum up-time and reliability. Configurable to send emails to your team, or use the modular plugin style architecture to integrate with your existing issue tracking system.

Maintaining maximum uptime of your lecture capture infrastructure is imperative, and Recorder Monitor allows you to ensure that your users have the best experience possible by being aware of issues with recorders in almost real-time*. Notify staff, technicians, and/or issue tracking system to ensure timely action and investigation of potential issues, all from a clean, easy to use Web UI.

On site deployment is easy via Docker Containers, which allow you to deploy the monitoring agent to you exiting on-premises infrastructure, and can run on existing server hardware, or devices as inexpensive as a RaspberryPi, thanks to the portability of Docker Containers and the lightweight architecture of the Monitoring Agent.

External integrations with the tools that you already use, like Slack, are built-in, waiting for you to enable and configure them to your liking. Mediasite Recorder Monitor's internal hook architecture allows for the quick and easy development of custom integrations, provided they extend the hook interface.

* monitoring frequency can be customized by the client via the Web Interface.